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Project Name

Highway Rehab Corporation/HRC Properties


11061 Walden Ave
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Economic Impact Analysis

Project Details

Highway Rehab Corp. has outgrown the current space they lease in Cheektowaga and began on year long search for a new facility. Although several sites in the Town of Cheektowaga and the surrounding communities were considered, Highway Rehab was unable to find a facility that met their needs. Therefore they have decided to build a 23,000 sq ft building in the Town of Alden that will be used to manufacture and maintain equipment. The facility will allow them to retain and grow their workforce in WNY, to address their current backlog of work and allow them to take on additional work they previously had to turn down. The company has complied with the ECIDA’s Inter-Municipal Move Policy as outlined in the Uniform Tax Exemption Policy.

Status Details

  • 11/3/22: Public hearing held.
  • 12/21/22: Inducement Resolution presented to Board of Directors adopting a Negative Declaration in accordance with SEQRA
  • 12/21/22: Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors