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Project Name

Terzo Development/Bush Lofts


44-17th Street
New York

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Project Details

This existing building has been vacant since 2019 and was severely underutilized prior to that time.  The project consists of the renovation and re-use of this 15,000 sq. ft. structure into 13 apartments.  Three of the 13 units will be offered at 80% of the adjusted median income (“AMI”) throughout the 7-year PILOT term.

Also offered in the development of the building will be 6-7 spaces of off-site parking which will be available to the tenants.  They will also be adding a curb cut to the front of the building which will open up 3-4 additional parking spaces.

Since 100% of the project is devoted to housing, there is no employment impact other than a part time building manager.


Status Details

03/24/2021 -  $3,050,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution pased by the ECIDA Board of Directors