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Project Name

Rich Products Corporation


1150 Niagara Street
New York

Project Details

The transformation of Rich's global headquarters, through significant capital investment into a world class Research and Development department and Innovation Center will provide a quality environment for Rich's associates, global customers and guests.  The facilities upgrades will support retention of top tier R&D talent by attracting the best candidates to drive R&D projects and innovative problem-solving, welcoming global customers, encouraging local tourism, and strengthening the region's economy.  The campus is located along the waterfront in an important West Side community and adjacent to the US/Canada border.  The proposed campus projects include the enhanced R&D facilities and a Customer Innovation Center.  RPC's continued commitment to its campus is vital to creating an innovative work environment, retaining jobs, attracting visitors/encouraging tourism, and supporting the resurgence of the West Side and waterfront neighborhoods.  Rich's will have a role in working with local universities, culinarians and the community on mixed-use projects in the West Side community.


Status Details

$18,000,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducment Resolution approved