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Project Name

Goldman Titanium, Inc.


99 Dorothy Street
New York

Project Details

Goldman's current facility has reached its capacity.  In order to increase sales and service to new customers, additional space is required.  The addition will be an extension of the existing facility and house a processing center and employee break room.


As a powder or in the form of metal shavings, titanium metal poses a significant fire hazard and, when heated in air, an explosion hazard. Water and carbon-dioxide based methods to extinguish fires are ineffective on burning titanium;  Dry powder fire fighting agents must be used instead.

The new facility will be constructed with an eye toward safety and the company is working with the Buffalo Fire Department to devise a safety plan.

Since the company has experienced several fires in the past, we have confirmed they are current on all of the filing obligations; the Tier II reports were submitted online on Feb. 15, 2012, and copies were supplied to the Local Emergency Planning Committee and Fire Department.



Status Details

10/15/2012 $645,000 - Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution approved