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Project Name

US iteck, Incorporated


1016 Niagara Falls Blvd
New York

Project Details

The company is currently leasing space on a month to month basis at 1720 Military Road.  The building is a 90-year old facility with an outdated floor plan and is under contract to be sold.  Their plan is to move operations to a newly acquired building at 1016 Niagara Falls Boulevard which once housed a plumbing supply store and photography studio.  They plan on renovating the building into a state of art network operations center where most of the technicians will work and monitor the health and status of their client's networks across the US and Canada.  This 1940's building will be completely remolded with new electrical systems, new plumbing, new HVAC, a generator backup and possibly solar electric panels on the roof to provide reliable grid backup and amenities such as a game room and coffee bar which will attract Gen Y talent.

With  location in a retail corridor, there will be a showroom highlighting the technology not normally seen in retail big box stores, such as servers which run a small business or the latest electronic health records software a medical office could use.  A center which offers public technology training for small business owners and entrepreneurs in the areas of increasing productivity and the importance of computer security will also be housed at the facility.

Embedded PC servers, all in one desktop computers, notebook computers and storages devices will be assembled on site.



Status Details

8/20/2012 - $935,000 Lease/leaseback Inducement Resolution