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Project Name

Welded Tube, Inc..


1951 Ham,burg Turnpike
New York

1st Amendment to Agent Agreement

Project Details

The company is purchasing a to be determined amount of acres in the Tecumseh Business Park and constructing a new high speed, steel tube production facility.   The facility will consist of a 100,000+/- SF manufacturing facility, a 30,000+/- SF testing facility, and a 30,000+/- SF pipe threading and coupling facility.   The manufactured steel will be further processed at other pipe processing facilities before being shipped to distributors and customers.  The company's customer base includes companies that drill for oil and gas in various locations in both Canada and the U.S.

The project investment will occur in 3 phases.  Based on the size and scope of the investment, the business plan is to have the plant fully operational within 5 years or sooner.


Status Details

7/16/2012 - $50,150,000 Lease/leaseback Inducement Resolution