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Project Name



23 Cobham Drive
Orchard Park
New York

Project Details

The total estimated cost of the project is $1.5 million and will  be broken down into two phases.  This investment is required to support current needs and anticipated expansion of the business.  The first phase is for IT infrastructure with an estimated cost of $1.2 million.  This investment is primarily required to improve the IT production environment which includes a major investment in hardware and modifications to the data center to accommodate the additional equipment.  In addition other ancillary IT purchases are required to support the growth and the expansion of the business.

The second phase is the building infrastructure.  In order to support the growth of employees, additional office space is needed.  To meet this need, there is currently approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of underdeveloped, unoccupied space within the corporate headquarters which will be utilized to accommodate the growth of the customer support team and improve the management of customer accounts.


Status Details

2/13/2012  - $1,500,000 Lease/leaseback Inducement resolution Approved.