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Project Name

2137 Seneca Street, LLC / David Pawlik


2137 Seneca Street
New York

Project Details

The project site formerly housed a laundry facility and most recently a Pizza-Hut Restaurant.  For 10 years the site has been vacant due to environmental issues.  Within the past few years GE has conducted remediation work. 

While the site has been remitted through the DEC voluntary clean up program continued monitoring is required.  Under DEC's soil management plan, rules exist which dictate how construction must be completed, where debris may be stockpiled and how it must me hauled away and to which sites.  All of this will lead to additional costs  to the developer.

The project consists of the demolition of the existing facility, proper removal of building materials in accordance with DEC standards and the construction of a 9,100 sq. ft. single story building which will house a Dollar General.



Status Details

Approved - 9/19/2011