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Project Name

Rich Products Corporation


One Robert Rich Way
New York

Project Details

The overall proposed project focus at Rich's Buffalo world headquarters over the next few years is on the revitalization of the building and changes within the functional areas to accommodate the changing business environment. The  headquarter revitalization includes both capital improvements and mechanical/interior upgrades. The reroofing of the One Robert Rich Way facility, a main electrical upgrade, and the need to upgrade HVAC systems will require an estimated capital outlay exceeding $1 million. As an environmentally-responsible company, Rich's continuously strives to reduce its environmental footprint and continue to implement a variety of initiatives towards this objective. They have created a long-term sustainability strategy and Center of Excellence to raise awareness and prioritize actions across the company in supporting these initiatives. Their goal is to drive continuous improvements which are both beneficial to their business and the environment. Changes within Rich's functional areas to accommodate the changing business environment and business models include the following:

"C-3" (Creating a Connected Culture"), a significant work environment modernization, is proposed to be completed within the next 3-4 years.  The modernization will improve the work environment for over 800 world headquarters associates. 

The redevelopment of the Product Presentation Area will provide current and potential customers with the ability to view products and services.

Expansion of research and development capabilities and product testing areas.



Status Details

Approved - 5/16/2011