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Project Name

Commitment 2000/Father Sam's Bakery


105 Monsignor Valente Drive
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Project Details

The project consists of a 16,975 sq ft building expansion at the company’s HQ location at 105 Monsignor Valente Drive in the City of Buffalo. The addition, an American Steel Building will be primarily used for manufacturing (76%) with some warehousing (24%).  The company will be installing one new fully automated pressed tortilla line that will increase the output of the Buffalo facility by 40%. A second phase of the project will be purchasing, installing and significant training associated with a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computer operating system. This new IT technology is imperative to properly function with the new equipment as well as a vast array of systems currently used between the 2 facilities (Buffalo & Charlotte). The 2 project phases will be run simultaneously, with the target project completion date of 1st Quarter of 2024. The expansion is deemed critical to remaining a competitive manufacturer in NYS and the East Coast where their products are sold.   

Status Details

Project ECIDA History

  • 01/17/23: Public hearing held.
  • 02/22/23: Inducement Resolution presented to Board of Directors adopting a Negative Declaration in accordance with SEQRA
  • 02/22/23: Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors