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Project Name

Perry's Ice Cream Co. Inc.


1 Ice Cream Plaza
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Inducement Resolution

Economic Impact Analysis

Project Details

This project involves the construction of an approx. 23,000 sq ft building next to an existing structure at the Perry’s facility. The new building will house a new extruded ice cream novelty machine with conveyoring as well as upgrading the site’s engine and pumping rooms. Upon completion, 15 additional staff will be needed to run the new machinery and several existing workers will need to be upskilled in order to work on the new machinery. Products produced by this machine can be dairy or non-dairy, can include more than one base flavor, inclusions, toppings, and dipped coatings. The team at Perry’s is very excited about this project - the last time they introduced a brand new line was in 2007/2008.   

Status Details

  • 06/22/22: Public hearing held.
  • 07/27/22: Inducement Resolution presented to Board of Directors adopting a Negative Declaration in accordance with SEQRA
  • 07/27/22: Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors