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Project Name

Aebly and Associates Insurance Services/A&A Union Road, LLC


1471 Union Road
West Seneca
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Agent Agreement

1st Amendment to Agent Agreement

Inducement Resolution

Economic Impact Analysis

Project Details

Aebly and Associates Insurance Services has outgrown their current facilities located at 3638 and 3640 Seneca Street and plans to construct a 6,000+ sq ft professional office building to improve operating efficiencies and offer an updated office environment. The new building will be state of the art, paperless and highly visible allowing the company to not only retain, but also to attract hard to find educated new employees looking to be part of a growing professional insurance business. 

Status Details

  • 5/31/22 Public hearing held.
  • 7/27/22 Inducement Resolution presented to Board of Directors – Type II action and therefor no further action is required under SEQRA
  • 7/27/22 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors