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Project Name

Lactalis American Group, Inc.


2376 South Park Avenue
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Economic Impact Analysis

Project Details

The company is proposing to add a 5,660 sq ft addition to their existing 26,865 sq ft one story office building to provide current and future employees with the space needed to support the company’s U.S. operations from the Buffalo NY facility. A recent acquisitions and organic growth are the primary factors for the need to expand. The additional space will also address the needs of those returning to work post COVID 19 shutdown, who have had to share offices or work remotely.

Status Details

  • 12/28/21: Public hearing held.
  • 01/26/22: Inducement Resolution presented to Board of Directors adopting a Negative Declaration in accordance with SEQRA
  • 01/26/22: $ 1,436,697 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution approved by ECIDA Board of Directors