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Project Name

201 Ellicott, LLC/Ellicott Green Acres/Braymiller Market


201 Ellicott Street
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

Project Details

The proposed project consists of the construction of a 21,510 sq. ft. fresh food market; the first of its kind in the downtown Buffalo market.  201 Ellicott, LLC will undertake the construction of the facility.  The market will focus on the sale and distribution of affordable fresh foods to restaurants, residents, commuters, visitors and businesses in the City of Buffalo.  Locally-sourced produce, a café for fresh prepared foods, catering and seasonal items such as pumpkins and annuals will be offered.

The retail portion of the grocery store will encompass 9,280 sq. ft. and the wholesale side of the business will occupy 9,580 sq. ft. A back office will take up the remaining space.

Currently the neighborhoods surrounding 201 Ellicott continue to be underserved with respect to the accessibility to fresh, healthy food.  Adjacent census tracts include at least 1/3 of residents that live farther than 1/2 to 1 mile to the nearest supermarket.  It is estimated 60% of sales will be to wholesalers with the remaining 40% devoted to customers who personally visit the site.  The City and the company are working to obtain funding for a USDA Healthy Food Financing Initiative grant.

The site is currently utilized as a surface parking lot and owned by the City of Buffalo which makes it exempt from real estate taxes. 

The project will serve to complement an adjacent development of over 200 affordable one and two bedroom units being undertaken by Ciminelli Development.

The project is located in a census tract that is considered highly distressed under State statute with many other highly distressed census tracks surrounding it.

It is anticipated that upon project completion, 201 Ellicott, LLC will assign the ECIDA Lease and PILOT to Ellicott Green Acres, LLC.



Status Details

· 05/30/2019 - Public hearing held.  

· 08/28//2019 -  City of Buffalo as lead agency adopts negative declaration in accordance with SEQRA.

· 08/28/2019 - Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors.