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Project Name

Buffalo Recyling Enterprises, LLC


266 Hopkins Street
New York

Project Details


The project consists of the acquisition of approximately 7.77 acres of land located at 266 Hopkins Street, Buffalo and the construction and equipping of a 39,500 sq. ft. addition as well as renovations to the existing 26,000 sq. ft. facility for  utilization as a recycling center.


The existing Model City (in the Town of Lewiston, Niagara County), NY facility is operating at capacity.  Recycling in the City of Buffalo is underachieving at a participation rate of 9 percent versus 50 percent statewide.  The City has expressed its desire to improve.  In addition, New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation is on record as stating its intention to push municipalities to increase their recycling efforts.  Without a new facility, the region will only have one alternative for recycling.


Status Details

 3/9/2009 - $14,243,800 Inducement Resolution approved by the Board of Directors