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Project Name

4455 Genesee Street, LLC/Calspan - 2016


4455 Genesee Street
New York

Project Details


The project will be undertaken in two phases.  Phase one involves the relocation of Harper International, a 36,000 sq. ft. tenant with 75 employees, to the 4455 Genesee Street location.  This includes the costs of renovating the space and all facility upgrades related to the move.  Harper will maintain their present location in the Town of Lancaster.  The move affects only the office and lab portion of their operation.  In January, 2013 Harper was approved by the ECIDA Board for an incentive package to relocate operations from Lancaster into the former Quebecor building in Cheektowaga.  Negotiations for the project were never finalized and the company withdrew their application.


Phase two is the revitalization of the Calspan Safety Campus including equipment purchases and infrastructure to position Calspan to compete on a national level.  Both phases include the installation of new HVAC systems, plumbing, boiler installations, roofing,  security systems, window installations, computer and network infrastructure including wiring, hardware & software, structural repairs and aesthetic improvements.