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Project Name

Ebenezer Railcar


1001 Indian Church Road
West Seneca
New York

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Project Details


Ebenezer Railcar Services, Inc is owned by ERS Industries, Inc which is 100% owned by ERS Industries, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Retirement Plan.


Ebenezer manufacturers and repairs freight railcars for various industries.  The manufacture of new-build freight railcars comprises the vast majority of current and anticipated future operations.  The primary types of railcars manufactured are freight flatcars and boxcars, each of which can be specialized from a base frame.  Customers include national and multinational freight-car leasing companies, Class I railroad companies and governmental agencies.


Industry competition is primarily in the United States, however competitors largely utilize manufacturing facilities located in Mexico and Canada.  Ebenezer

Status Details

 7/25/2018 - $6,000,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by the ECIDA Board of Directors