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Project Name

Emerson Huron


75 West Huron Street
New York

Public Hearing Transcript

1st Amendment to Agent Agreement

Project Details

The project consists of the renovation and redevelopment of the former C.W. Miller Livery facility located on Huron Street; adjacent to the newly renovated Curtiss Building.  The building has been vacant for 15 years. When complete, the building will serve as the site for a new Buffalo Culinary School and will be operated and leased solely by the Buffalo Public Schools. 

The Emerson program including the expansion to a second facility, has been extremely successful with high demand from students and a continual waiting list.  Since 2015, the Buffalo Public School has operated a temporary hospitality school located on South Park Avenue.  The purpose was to increase the number of students in attendance within the program to ensure there would be an adequate number of freshmen to senior level students who would be able to fill the new Emerson hospitality school once completed.  Once the new school is ready for occupancy, the new student body would be comprised of current upper level students, together with new students recruited to the program.  The current school is led by approximately 60 full time staff comprised of teaching staff, administrators/support staff as well as maintenance technicians.  10 of the 60 are teaching staff at the high school that teach specialized courses relating to the hospitality and/or culinary aspects of this unique high school curriculum.  All 60 full time staff will be retained and transferred to the new Emerson Hospitality School once completed in 2019.


Status Details

 12/20/2017 - $36,798,900 - Lease/Leaseback Resolution passed by the ECIDA Board of Directors