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Project Name

Pearl Gruop, LLC


512 Pearl Street
New York

Project Details

 The proposed project includes the historic renovation and adaptive reuse of the former Buffalo Christian Center.  At one point the building was also owned by the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Renovation work includes masonry repairs on the building's exterior, restoration of original windows, extensive restoration of decorative plasterwork on the building's interior, installation of new vertical circulation and new fire suppression systems to bring the building into current-day code compliance.

Once complete, the facility will include a mix of uses including professional meeting and banquet space, office space, a combination lounge, café and bar, indoor pool, fitness center including locker rooms, a steam room and sauna.

The above uses will complement and service an adjacent development currently underway at a new 12-story building located at 500 Pearl Street which includes a new hotel, commercial and office space along with structured parking for approximately 380 vehicles.  The ECIDA is not providing benefits for this development.

Road Less Traveled Productions ("RLTP") currently utilizes a portion of the building historically known as the Forbes Theater.  The developers intend to keep them as a tenant at the property.

RLTP is dedicated to the development and production of new theatrical works by Western New York and Southern Ontario playwrights, as well as presentations of esteemed modern dramas of outstanding literary merit.  Its mission is to tell stories which are important to our community and reveal common relationships and diverse humanity. 


Status Details

 08/23/2017 - $7,245,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution approved by ECIDA Board of Directors