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Project Name

Tecumseh Redevelopment


2303 Hamburg Turnpike
New York

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Project Details


The project consists of the construction of a 12" thick slag cover over approximately 100 acres of the former Bethlehem Steel site.  The project includes clearing, subgrade, preparation, placement of a plastic demarcation layer and a 12" cap over the subgrade, construction related stormwater controls, community air monitoring and related engineering and documentation under the Brownfield Cleanup Program.  ECIDA benefits will be in the form of a sales tax savings on the materials required in capping the property.


The proposed project is related to and contingent upon the land purchase agreement being negotiated between the applicant and the Buffalo and Erie County Industrial Land Development Corporation ("ILDC").  


Erie County has spent and appropriated for future expenditures, millions of dollars to improve rail and road access and utility infrastructure for the benefit of the real property and the ILDC has, as a condition of its purchase of the real property, negotiated with Tecumseh for the environmental remediation of the real property, with the goal of creating a twenty-first century commercial/industrial park, with tri-modal access and with pre-certified New York State tax incentives. 


The sales tax benefit will directly benefit the ILDC as the savings will be passed on to the ILDC in the form of a reduced purchase price. 


Status Details

 4/26/2017 - Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors