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Project Name

Curtiss Buffalo, Inc.


204-216 Franklin Street
New York

Project Details

The project description is being modified to increase both the renovation and equipment budget by $4,430,000 and to construct an additional 9,200 sq. ft. for an expanded rooftop area and sidewalk café which is estimated to cost $2,200,000.  When complete, the entire complex will be 66,850 sq. ft.


The increased benefit to the developer will be in the form of additional sales tax savings in the amount of $466,250.


The estimated sales tax benefit and employment impact is changed as follows:


Original estimate of sales tax savings:       $575,000

Revised estimate of sales tax savings:       $1,041,250


Net Increase                         $466,250


Original estimate of projected jobs:          30

Revised estimate of projected jobs:          55


Net increase:                                              25


Status Details

3/22/2017 - $5$24,130,000 Amendatory Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors