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Project Name

Rosina Food Products, Inc.


190 industrial Parkway
New York

Project Details


The company plans to renovate 10,000 sq. ft. of existing space to consolidate the following activities: customer service, supply chain, research & development and sales and marketing.  30 current employees are associated with these activities.


The renovated facility will also include a test kitchen for corporate chefs to prepare and present cooked samples when hosting key customers in the new hospitality suite.

Centralizing all activities in one area it will provide for better collaboration and communication among Rosina's professionals.


Status Details

 · No public hearing required as benefits are below $100,000

· 10/26/2016 - ECIDA Board of Directors adopts a Negative Declaration in accordance with SEQRA.

· 10/26/2016- Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution presented to the Board of Directors.