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Project Name

Lazarus Properties, LLC


65 Vandalia Street
New York

Project Details

The facility at Vandalia Street will house initially two (2) start up businesses:

Lakeward Spirits: This craft distillery will produce, using predominantly NY farm based raw materials, gin, vodka and whiskey.  The spirits will be sold to restaurants and retail outlets across WNY as well as to onsite visitors. 

Queen City Malting:  Using barley and grains from local farms and adding value through the malting process, Queen City Malting will be the first active malt house in WNY in nearly 40 years.  Primary customers will  be local breweries and distilleries with a small percentage (less than 5%) being sold directly to home brewers.

The project includes demolition of a smaller structure to provide for parking.

Lakeward and Queen City will utilize 34,000 sq. ft. in the building with the remaining 9,000 sq. ft. vacant at this point pending the utilization by other similar agri-based manufacturing tenants.  Currently three potential tenants are in final negotiations to utilize a 4,500 sq. ft. of the available space.

Any incidental retail aspects of these future tenants will  be handled by Lakeward Spirits in the 1,500 sq. ft. of space devoted to retail.  No IDA benefits will be provided for the retail space buildout or retail furniture, fixture and equipment.

The site is currently vacant and severely underutilized.  This project will result in additional activity in  the building and will benefit the area.


Status Details

1/28/2015 - 2,483,000 Lease/leaseback Inducement Resolution approved by ECIDA Board of Directors