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Project Name

Catholic Health System, Inc.


Various addresses
New York

Project Details

Issuance of federally tax exempt bonds and a mortgage tax exemption to provide financing for the reimbursement of costs for various improvement projects at several CHS facilities and locations, to finance costs associated with the development and installation of a new comprehensive information technology program used for financial reporting, human resource management, and supply chain management (Enterprise Resource Planning System or "ERP") and to finance the costs associated with the leasehold improvements, new equipment and the acquisition of the new Administrative Regional Training Center located at 144 Genesee Street.

The bonds would not be an obligation of the ILDC/ECIDA or the County, but are proposed to be offered for purchase by bond investors on the open market.  The bonds are being sold utilizing CHS's credit rating and will be secured by the assets CHS and its affiliates.

Catholic Health System, Inc. has agreed to the terms of the local labor policy as well as the Article 8 public works requirements.


Status Details

1/28/2015  ILDC Board of Directors approved bond issuance  Up to $130,000,000