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Project Name

Niagara Street Buffalo, LLC


285-295 Niagara Street

Project Details

The project consists of the acquisition and adaptive reuse of a series of buildings located on Niagara Street.  The structures: the earliest which dates back to 1853 is comprised of interconnected buildings with 5 additions added over the years.  The 55,000 sq. ft. complex will be converted into approx. 40 -1 and 2 bedroom market rate apartments with approximately 9,400 sq. ft. set aside for food production space on the ground floor.  The project will feature a rooftop deck for tenants use and historic components will be restored.  Ru's Pierogies, a startup food manufacturer, will occupy the ground floor.


Status Details

12/17/20014 - $11,663,462  Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors