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Project Name

945 West Ferry Street, LLC/Fenton Place


1526 Main Street
New York

Project Details

Within the past year the company has fully developed the property located at 945 West Ferry into a mixed use commercial/residential structure.  The current project for which a sales tax and mortgage tax exemption is being requested includes the adaptive reuse of an adjacent structure located at 1526 Main Street.  The facility which is 30,000 sq. ft. will have a commercial component - approximately 7,000 sq. ft. for lease to one or more tenants - along with 8 market rate apartments.  The apartment rental units will average $1,200 to $1,350 per month.  The 135 year old building at 1526 Main Street which has been virtually empty for a decade and has a leaking roof has already been gutted to its original brick interior.

The company hopes to replicate what they accomplished in the Village of Kenmore by taking these older, historic structures and returning them to their original beauty.


Status Details

 5/21/2014 - $1,615,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors