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Project Name

9187 Group, LLC


173 Elm Street
New York

Project Details

Once redeveloped, this vacant structure will house a mix of residential and commercial tenants.  The building was constructed in the late 1800's.  The building once housed Jansen Brothers Harness Shop.

It is made up of approximately 13,200 sq. ft. and sits on the east side of Elm Street between William and Broadway (a block away from the Planing Mill adaptive reuse project recently approved for TM Montante).  The interior of the building will be redeveloped into commercial office space on the first floor and a portion of the second floor. Five market-rate apartments will occupy a portion of the second floor and the entire third and fourth floors.  The developer has had preliminary conversations with SHPO regarding designating the building as a historic structure.

This adaptive reuse project will add to the momentum and vibrancy of the surrounding neighborhood by bringing new residents into downtown Buffalo.

It is contemplated the developer will be able to avail itself of historic tax credits and  the building will  be rehabilitated according to the standards established by the National Parks Service.


Status Details

 3/26/2014 - $1,768,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors