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Project Name

AMS Servicing, Inc.


611 Jamison Road
New York

Project Details

With a current staff of 270 employees and plans to add significantly to that number, the company is in need of additional office space which the current location cannot provide.  AMS is seeking to relocate its offices so it may accommodate the anticipated growth of approximately 195 additional employees while expanding its client base.  Sites inside and outside of Western New York were considered.

The Elma facility, which formerly housed the Motorola company and is now owned and operated by Sonwil, will provide the company with a larger, more efficient layout with the ability to accommodate the company's projected growth as well as provide the potential for future expansions.

Capital expenditures associated with the new facility include a turn-key buildout of the space provided by Sonwil, new furniture, fixtures and equipment, telephone and computer equipment along with a backup generator.

New York State is supporting this company with the allocation of $1,500,000 in Excelsior tax benefits.

Since the project involves the relocation of the company from Depew to Elma, the Chief Elected Officials have been notified. Prior to making the decision to move to Elma the company reviewed multiple sites in the area.


Status Details

1/29/2014 -  $2,504,300 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors.