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Project Name

337 Ellicott Street, LLC/Big Ditch Brewing Company


337 Ellicott Street
New York

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Project Details

337 Ellicott is located on the corner of East Huron and Ellicott Street and was acquired by an Iskalo affiliate in 2011.  The 32,800 sq. ft. building was originally constructed for Verizon which it used as a service center for its vehicles. The building included a maintenance/wash bay, a two story office area along with an open bay area for parking of Verizon vehicles.  Verizon ceased utilizing the two-story section of the building years ago but continued use of the open bay until 2010.  The interior open bay area is currently being utilized as enclosed parking for tenants of the Electric Tower and surrounding buildings.

Big Ditch Brewing ("Big Ditch") a start-up craft micro brewery is interested in leasing a portion of the complex. By definition a micro brewery may produce or brew up to 60,000 barrels per year.  Micro breweries are not allowed to sell directly to the public unless they are in receipt of a separate brewers retail permit.

The company intends to be a production brewery as opposed to a brew pub in which its products will be sold throughout the region and beyond, predominantly through commercial distribution channels.

Big Ditch will operate using a 20 barrel brew house-this is the same size as the Flying Bison and slightly bigger that Pearl Street Grille.  They expect to sell about 1,500 barrels the first year-this equates to one to two batches per week.  The 20 barrel brew house would have a maximum operational capacity of approximately 15,000 barrels per year though that volume of production would be years away.


Status Details

1/29/2014 - $2,560,000 Lease/Leaseback Inducement Resolution passed by ECIDA Board of Directors.