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Project Name

Niagara Blower Company


91 Sawyer Avenue
New York

Project Details

The company has been located in Ontario Street in the City of Buffalo and has been at that location for over 100 years.

As a result of the explosive growth they've encountered in the past 3 years, their employment has increased substantially from 55 to 110 full time employees.

In order to accommodate the company's growth they are expanding operations.  They have acquired a facility on Sawyer Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda.  The building consists of 110,000 sq. ft. - a tripling of the company's operations.  Niagara Blower is moving approximately 75% of manufacturing operations and 40% of the office staff to the Tonawanda site. 

The Sawyer Avenue building will require extensive renovations to the office and manufacturing areas.  In the plant area new cranes will be purchased and existing ones renovated, new power and compressed air infrastructure is also required.  In addition, improvements to the parking area are planned.

Once the move is completed, the company will own facilities in Buffalo, Tonawanda as well as a 25,000 of leased space in Cheektowaga. 


Status Details

4/22/2013 - $1,035,000 Lease/Leaeback Resulution Approved