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Project Name

Swan Street Buffalo, LLC


145-149 Swan Street
New York

Project Details

Swan Street Buffalo, LLC/The Apartments at the HUB is a mixed use development project which will bring a new and creative 7,500 sq. ft. commercial tenant and 50 new, upscale apartments units to downtown Buffalo.  The project encompasses the adaptive reuse of 80,000 sq. ft. of historic infrastructure located in two buildings at 145 and 149 Swan Street.  The Bike Shop will be relocating from East Aurora.  The new facility will likely be known as the WNY Bicycle Center which will feature an outdoor bicycle storage facility with 48 bikes available for both downtown businesspersons as well as the tenants in the building.  A shared fitness facility is also contemplated as part of the project.  The bike shop is estimated to create 1 full time and 4-6 part time opportunities.  1 1/2 -2 new full time property management positions will become available.  The new café which will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner will create 2 new full time and 1 part time position.

A green area will be created along the south and east of Swan and the corner of Michigan and Swan which will serve to enhance the overall area.



Status Details

04/22/2013 - $13,664 Lease/Leaseback Resolution approved