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Project Name

OSC Manufacturing & Equipment Services, Inc.


1001 East Delavan Avenue
New York

Project Details

OSC has taken its business & development as far as it is capable at its current Ganson Street location.  OSC is spinning off a new division that will be moving to the site of the former American Axle facility where it will launch the manufacturing of the OSC green machine mini excavator and solar trees.  The mini excavators are run by a robust lithium ion battery that reduces fossil fuels & greenhouse emissions to nearly zero.  The site will also house heavy metal fabricating and manufacturing, heavy equipment, repair services and industrial rental and sales.  Office operations will remain at the Ganson Street location.

The East Delavan facility will require substantial renovations & upgrades.  The renovations will be focused on improving the  interior and exterior (new roof and windows) along with the entryway.  The interior requires the addition of overhead cranes, central compressed air, oil and water.  Electric and HVAC also requires upgrading.

This project acts as a catalyst for economic development and community development and stabilization in an extremely distressed area in the City of Buffalo.  The reactivation/adaptive-reuse of a portion of this 55 acre site will resurrect this complex and the economically and socially devastated surrounding area.


Status Details

8/19/2013 -  $17,539,473  Inducement Resolution passed by Board of Directors